ScoTpress was founded in 1975 by Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark and Valerie Piacenti. Before it closed in 1996 the group published 233 fanzines – 69 through the Star Trek Action Group, 19 through Trek fanclub IDIC, and 145 through ScoTpress.

They have a very informative website, reprint stories with author’s permission only, and welcome contact from ScoTpress authors.

Their longrunning series of classic (ie original TV series) Trek anthology zines, Log Entries, contained both stories and poetry and featured cover art by Beth Hallam, Sandy Sapatka and others. Information and cover scans for issues 1-43 and 44-94 are archived on Fanlore, along with details of other ScoTpress zines and novels. The long list of writers includes the late Miri Rana and Margaret Bertram, Star Trek Correspondence Club founder Audrey Baker, STAG founder Jenny Elson, Margaret Draper, Janet Ellicott, Chrissie Chrzan, Gloria Mitchell, and all three publishers. The zine’s policy was that all stories must feature a character appearing on air in classic Trek, and that no main character could die in a story.

Enterprise Incidents was a series of single-author zines with illustrations by various artists. IDIC Log was a series of 19 anthology zines related to Star Trek: The Next Generation published for the IDIC fanclub.


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