UK Star Trek fan clubs

This is an attempt to build an exhaustive list of British Trek fan clubs, their foundation dates and their founders, from 1969-2000. Eventually, we hope to link from each club to scans of its newsletters and other publications. If you can correct or expand and of the information here, please do so in a comment. If you belonged to a club and have any information, especially old newsletters and fliers, please share!

Star Trek Correspondence Club, 1969, Audrey Baker

Star Trek Action Group (STAG), 1973, Jenny & Terry Elson

Beyond Antares, 1974, Sue Toher & Fran Ball

Empathy, 1974, Barbara Kitson and Catherine Owens

Hosato, 1974, Jenny Elson – first British George Takei fanclub

S.T.E.R.B. (Star Trek Enterprises Radcliffe Branch), 1974, Michael Rossiter & John Hinds

William Shatner Enterprises, 1974

G.H.T., a George Takei fanclub, 1983, Ena Glogowska

Genesis II, 1984, Kathy Yates

IDIC,  1988 – 1996, Scotpress

Beta Niobe, pre-1983, Jan Burton

Bristol Star Fleet Registry, pre-1983, Pete Burton

New Enterprise,  pre-1981, Jackie Clarke & Wendy Holt

Starship Excalibur,  pre-1981, Shirley Pay

DeForest Kelley International Appreciation Society, pre-1983, Lynn Campion

Spotlight on Leonard Nimoy, pre-1983, Wendy Downes

Federation Information Bureau, pre-1983, Janet Blowers


12 Responses to UK Star Trek fan clubs

  1. Eileen Skidmore says:

    Jenny and Terry Elson ran the very first British mini con & Star Trek convention back in the early 1970s. Then Dorothy Owens ran several conventions after that including Terracon in Leeds in 1976.

    Jenny Elson also started the first George Takei fan Club Hosato

  2. Chris Hinchley says:

    S.T.E.R.B. – Star Trek Enterprises, Radcliffe Branch, My first local ‘club’ run by a couple of teen students, Michael Rossitor and John Hinds, who had a really fun sense of humour and who published Murasaki Journal, a really irreverent fanzine. I think it was them who put me onto Empathy and Dot Owens after they closed STERB down around 1977 or so. By coincidence Michael’s mum was my form tutor at Radcliffe on Trent primary school back in 1967!

    • Cathy says:

      Small world! John Hind was in my year at School (West Bridgford Comp) and it was through his magazine I came into contact with Janet Quarton.

  3. Janet Quarton says:

    The Star Trek Action Group was a Fanclub founded by Jenny Elson & Terry Elson in 1973 with the aim of raising enough money to run a Star Trek Convention in Britain. They ran the first UK convention in September 1974. The club was generally referred to as “STAG”.

    STAG was run by a new committee, Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark, Beth Hallam and Helen McCarthy from October 1975 until October 1981, when it was taken over by another committee led by Sylvia Billings.

  4. Janet Quarton says:

    IDIC was a general Star Trek club run by the Scotpress team. It had an international membership and published 48 bi-monthly newsletters of between 80 – 100 pages. The IDIC newsletter covered all aspects of Star Trek; ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST:DS9 and ST:VOY. Articles in the newsletters included news, actor and character profiles, convention reports, book and zine reviews, misc Star Trek articles written by members, poetry and an active postbag section. December 1988 – October 1996

    The club also published a fanzine, IDIC Log #1-19 (TOS & TNG, 1989-1996)

  5. Colin M. Taylor says:

    The Intrepid was a General Star Trek Fan club, based in Dartford, Kent.
    It was founded by Tina Hewett in 1988 and ran until 2003.
    Membership was world-wide
    The club published a quarterly newsletter, The Intrepid Reporter
    In addition, the Club held a number of ‘Constitution’ conventions and also a number of one-day events.
    With the rise of Professionally-run ‘Official’ Clubs’ and events during the late 1990s, the decision was made to branch out into more general media SF

    • tony thain says:

      i am trying to get in touch with a startrek club,as i have well over 1000 many unused VHS Vidios to sell box sets unopened , do you know any one who could help

      • Me says:

        You probably need to contact some of the Trek groups on social media. Not sure who would still want VHS though. You’d need to be a die-hard completist with plenty of space and enough tech knowledge to keep obsolete technology going.

  6. Richard.A.Harris says:

    I wish to join your fan club

  7. Sheila Hull says:

    “Beyond Antares!” Was founded and run by Sheila Hull from 1973 – 1977 before being run by Fran Ball and Sue Toher.

    • Me says:

      Thanks, Sheila. So many print zines and newsletters haven’t survived, we need every bit of evidence to get our fannish history online.

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