UK Star Trek conventions

This will hopefully develop into a comprehensive list of UK Star Trek conventions, with as many convention books as we can add to the archive before we run out of space.

I’ve defined a UK Star Trek convention as one where the convention self-defines as a Star Trek event, OR where the major content of the event is Star Trek and a majority of the guests are Trek-related. UK media conventions organised by Trek clubs and groups are on the UK Media Conventions page.

The first UK Star Trek event was a one-day convention held in Leicester and organised by Jenny and Terry Elson, founders of the Star Trek Action Group.


28/9-09-74        1st British ST Convention, Leicester, chair Jenny Elson (STAG)

20/21-09-75      Second British ST Convention,   Leicester, chair Jenny Elson (STAG)

9/10-10-76        Terracon ’76, Leeds, chair Dot Owens  (Empathy)

10/11-09-77       Terracon ’77, Liverpool, chair Dot Owens  (Empathy)

2/3-09-78           Intercon, Slough, chair Sally Ann Griffiths

28/29-10-78      Empathy Minicon, Manchester, chair Dot Owens

31-3/1-4-79        STAG/Empathy Midicon, Leeds, chair Dot Owens

13/14-10-79       Terracon ’79, Leeds, chair Dot Owens  (Empathy)

24/25-05-80      UFP Con ’80, Coventry, co-chairs Kim Knight, Janet Blowers

20/21-09-80      Terracon ’80, Leeds, chair Dot Owens  (Empathy)

11/12-04-81        STAG Con ’81, Leeds, co-chairs Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark

29/31-08-81       Aucon 81, Coventry, chair Jenny Elson

30/4-2/5-82      UFP Con ’82, Coventry, co-chairs Kim Knight, Janet Blowers

27/29-08-82     Galileo Con ’82, Newcastle, chair Margaret L. Richardson

27/30-05-83     SOL III, Birmingham. chair Lee Owers

26/29-08-83     C383, Birmingham, chair Chris Chivers

04/07-05-84     UFP Con ’84, Manchester, co-chairs Kim Knight, Janet Blowers

24/26-08-84     Galileo Con ’84, Newcastle upon Tyne, chair Catherine Richardson

03/06-05-85     SOL III, Liverpool, chair Lin Anderson

23/26-08-85     Enterprise I, Liverpool, chair Sharron Rowe


02/04-04-84     Shore Leave, Glasgow, chair Gordon Cowden


2 Responses to UK Star Trek conventions

  1. Robin Edmonds says:

    Hi. I attended Intercon 77 (transporting the Smash martian from London to Liverpool) and helped organise Intercon 78. I have a number of cuttings, photos and both convention booklets, if anyone wishes me to scan them in.

    • Helen says:

      Robin, that would be fab. Please go right ahead and scan whatever you have in as high a res as you are happy with/can manage. They will be invaluable to researchers and fan historians.

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