Lots of conventions were devoted to more than one TV show or movie. This list includes as many as possible, with the best dates/info we have. If you can add more, please do so via a comment, along with your memories of the event (if any – some say that if you can remember a convention, you were never really there.)

Media cons, like Trek cons, attracted science fiction and fantasy readers too. They were also noted in the 70s and 80s for having much larger numbers of females than most science fiction conventions, both in attendance and running events. (There were those who did not consider this a good thing, but to each his own.)

Thanks to Kevin Lyons for the Starcon 81 and EmpathicCon books, the first donations to this archive.

Starcon 81

04/06-03-83     EmpathicCon, Liverpool, co-chairs Dot Owens, Keith Jackson

16/18-09-83      The Con With No Name, Leeds, chair Patricia M. O’Neill

1984                     EmpathicCon II,  Liverpool, co-chairs Dot Owens, Keith Jackson

27/28-10-84      Galacticon,  London, chair Eileen Wingrove

14/16-12-84        Santacon ’84, Leeds

22/24-03-85       The Denton Convention, Birmingham, chair Donna Lauchlan


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