Galileo Con 84

Thanks to Janet Quarton, I’ve been able to upload the Galileo 84 convention book. It’s a fascinating reflection of the growth of British Star Trek fandom 15 years on from the foundation of the Star Trek Correspondence Club. The guests of honour, Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel Barrett, are profiled, and photos (all in black and white) include one of Gene using the very latest in word processing technology, and holding Kirk and Spock masks which would now be worth an absolute fortune on eBay. (Sadly, being rubber, they probably perished years ago…)


Meeting the Guests

Back in 1983, when getting an autograph or a photo was more a case of stopping the guest in the hotel bar than standing in line with 5,000 other people in a convention centre, Kevin Lyons got this picture signed by Thom Christopher at EmpathicCon in Liverpool. Thanks for sharing it, Kevin.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Lyons

Archiving pre-Internet fandom

This is intended as an archive of publications, images and reminiscences about British media, fantasy and SF fandom from 1969 onwards. The aim is to create an archive of British media fan culture before the Internet. We haven’t got a fixed cut-off point – if the con book, club newsletter, flyer or whatever hasn’t been archived online yet, we’re interested.