The thing with history is, there’s a lot of it, so most of it gets forgotten very quickly.

This blog spun off a Facebook page intended to get a group of old friends together for a reminiscicon. (Since time and resulting decrepitude were backdrops to the discussion, I use “spun off” in the sense that a bit of debris might spin off a collapsing spacecraft.) Its trajectory was given extra momentum and direction by the realisation that the kind of convention and fan activity we were all involved in happened before the Internet, and therefore exists only in the memories (and garages, lofts and bulging photo albums) of those who were there.

Who remembers fanzines? Few media fans make them any more. Who remembers conventions where you sat down with the guests at breakfast instead of queuing in big draughty halls to pay for autographs? Who remembers when we all got wildly excited about books and images and ideas and creativity?

All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…

That’s all very well if you’re Rutger Hauer dripping elegantly on a decaying rooftop in a pair of leather shorts. But I don’t want those moments to be lost in time. They were part of the history of mass popular culture, and they were a lot of fun. So this is an attempt to archive as many printed artefacts of that long-dead civilisation known as British media/sf/fantasy fandom as we can accumulate, and put them here on the web for everyone to see and enjoy.

That’s where we’ve started from, anyway. The rest, as one beloved convention guest of the 70s and 80s said, is subject to change without notice.


2 Responses to About

  1. dave keig says:

    I have some terracon 77 details signed by the guests, george takei, anne macaffrey, matt irvine

  2. Why nothing about Intercon 78 ? I have the con booklet and some pictures here – http://www.edmonds-site.co.uk/conventions/index.htm , and there is more about it on Fanlore here – http://fanlore.org/wiki/Intercon_(UK_Star_Trek:_TOS_con)

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